After the delirium of Goldtiger, Jimmy Broxton and I were determined to keep up our tumultuous marriage of words and pencils. We're both fans of noir cinema, indeed anything that involves smoke trails and stockings, so I worked up an alternate history idea that would tickle our fancies.

In this side-step reality, the Second World War was won by magic -- a force that exists but is denied by world governments. Mallory Hope, an ex-policeman who lost his wife and child to Hell, now works as a private eye in Los Angeles while trying to hunt them down.

A simple premise for Broxton and I to hang a few surprises on. The first series, Hope...For the Future, was serialised in 2000AD and is to be collected in November, 2018. It very much focuses on Hollywood, with Hope trying to find a missing child star.

Preorder Amazon UK, or Amaxon US.

The second series, Hope...Under Pressure, which will have a more gangland feel as well as flashbacks to the war is to be serialised soon (hopefully with a collection to follow, but these things are never certain!).

It's a joy to have an ongoing place where Jimmy and I can tell the sort of stories we love, more series will certainly follow.