In 1984 British publishers IPC (glorious purveyors of some of the most formative picture papers of this fool's youth) published a comic called Scream! It ran for 15 issues, got itself in all sorts of trouble for being a bit grisly and naughty and entered a state of living death as horror icons should.

One of its most popular strips was The Thirteenth Floor. It featured Max, a supercomputer guardian of a tower block, who was prone to killing anyone who threatened his residents. The strip moved over to the (equally wonderful) Eagle Comic and ran for years. As part of Rebellion's adoption of the IPC catalogue of British comics, I was asked to revive The Thirteenth Floor for a modern audience. 

We have two artists on the strip. The real world is portrayed by comics legend John Stokes (go and buy a copy of Marney the Fox so you can sob your eyes out while marvelling at the beaty of his line) whereas the surreal and lethal Thirteenth Floor is brought to life by the phenomnal Frazer Irving. It's a career highlight to work with both of these geniuses.

So far The Thirteenth Floor has appeared in two Scream and Misty specials published by Rebellion for Halloween (available here) but hopefully there will be more to come.

Art © Frazer Irving