I've loved Rogue Trooper since I was a kid, not so much through the pages of 2000AD (he'd faded somewhat by the time I started reading at around prog 450) but through the colour reprints produced by Eagle and then Quality Comics. The reprints were American-sized digest editions aimed for the States that would inevitably end up back on the racks of seaside newsagents, browned and salted, where people like me could buy them.

I bought the Games Workshop board game on the strength of this re-coloured love -- plus some gorgeous Best of 2000AD reprints) and trudged a boring slog across Nu Earth alongside fellow Rogue fan and childhood pal, Miles Cottrell.

That forever night sky, those roiling clouds of poisoned gas, that lonely blue figure carrying the digital souls of the dead...  A wonderful and potent run of classic 2000AD. War comics infected by horror and graveyard wit.

So when I was offered the chance to write for him -- in a story illustrated by the divine Darren Douglas -- I was naturally cock-a-hoop. It's a joy I've returned to a handful of times since for further one-off tales. As well as working with Darren on a further story, I also wrote a horror short with art by Lee Carter and did a tale of assasination and french maid outfits with my drunken carer, Jimmy Broxton. 

At the time of writing, a free downloadable sample of my Rogue Trooper work is available here (it was produced to celebrate the news that the marvelous Duncan Jones is working on a movie of the character). Hopefully I'll march alongside Rogue again soon.