Comics were my first love. When I was a kid there were only three possible careers for me: comcs writer, actor or stunt man. The latter was the fault of Lee Majors and Burt Reynolds and it was a desire easily curtailed by a twisted ankle (I was in the habit of jumping from the garage roof onto the lawn because it was EXCITING, I was a very silly boy. Still am.)

I did the acting thing, now I do the words thing.

For many years the words didn't come with pictures and, naturally, this made me feel very sad. It was all fish and no chips. All salt and no vinegar. Then the lovely Liam Sharp dragged me onboard the Madefire bus where I wrote The Engine and first started working with my comics husband Jimmy Broxton.

Since then I've worked on a number of strips for 2000AD and co-created a insane book with Jimmy called Goldtiger.

Details on all these on the left.

Art © Jimmy Broxton