I fell in love with Blake's 7 on VHS. An adolescent fling with a new BBC Sci-fi show that felt more grown-up and important than Doctor Who. We've all had teenage crushes, for most people Morrisey spoke to their sense of being miserably misunderstood, for me it was people with surnames and shoulder pads getting angry with one another on overlit spaceships.

I wrote a two part adventure for the last in Big Finish's Liberator Chronicles series:

Capital: The Armageddon Storm. A weapon so dreadful that it can lay waste to entire planets. A weapon that Avon has used to hold the Federation to account. A voice from the past brings news of its redeployment and the fate of Blake. Del Tarrant is sent to Earth to recover both - but will he survive?

Punishment: It's the end of the world and Vila's father has returned. He isn't sure what is worse. With the crew of Liberator arrested and Tarrant dead, can Vila rescue the man he hates and save the day? A coward turned hero with the fate of planet Earth hanging in the balance. 

Capital features Stephen Pacey as Tarrant, Punishment stars Michael Keating as Vila. The lovely David Warner appears in both as Vila's Awful Dad.

The box set also features an Avon-led story from Andy Lane, Corners of the Mind. More info, including trailer and ordering can be found here.