My second Fourth Doctor story! And one that riffs on Doctor Who lore much earlier than his tweed and tempestuousness.

Writing for the Fourth Doctor is an exercise in word play and absurdity combined -- one would hope -- with adventure and pace. An Oscar Wilde play with laser guns and creatures built from latex, minimal man hours and impecunious prayers to the Gods of Budget. I have loved all the scripts I've written for Big Finish for one reason or another but the Baker stories are the most fun. They feel like pure self indulgence and yet, I hope, don't sound like it. If you can hit that balance then, by god, you've found your perfect way to earn a living.

They're also an excercise in slow time travel. At the time of writing (July 2018) I've written six Fourth Doctor stories. Two have been announced four haven't. The sixth and final story (I'm just doing final edits on it now) will be recorded in September of this year and released... Oh, who knows? It could be as far away as 2022. By which time I can assure you I will have forgotten absolutely everything about it.

As with the previous story Kill the Doctor!/The Age of Sutekh, this is a four part story comprised of two, two part releases. The False Guardian (see here) and Time's Assassin (see here). I know it seems terribly confusing but it makes sense if you squint. A single disc (or download) contains two half hour episodes, they often combine to form a whole story. Sometimes we do longer tales, they end up taking up four episodes, therefore two discs (or downloads) and confusing visitors to web sites. For extra confusion, this story is also collected in boxsets alongside other stories in this 'season' of Fourth Doctor stories, except this time the first disc (or download) closes the first boxset (or larger download) and the second disc (or second download) opens the second boxset (or larger download).

I need to have a sit down.