I've been ever so lucky over the last couple of years that I've been given the opportunity to work in areas I really love. This is a perfect example.

When I was a kid I hated Westerns, then I saw A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS and my opinion changed. Sergio Leone's movies are a revelation in so many ways: beautiful, brutal, fantastical and rich. It took an Italian to evoke the magic of the American West for me.

Since then I have been a big fan of Spaghetti Westerns, they're always just one step removed from reality. A warped view of that iconic world of dust and leather, wood and bone. So now I'm writing some.

Of course, they're not really Spaghetti Westerns, they're much more fantastical than that (I never can restrain myself) but they're born from the same place, weird westerns that have a sideways approach to replicating that chunk of history.

Solaris published the trilogy and they're books I'm fiercely proud of. 


Every one hundred years a town appears.

From a small village in the peaks of Tibet to a gathering of mud huts in the jungles of South American, it can take many forms. It exists for twenty-four hours and then vanishes once more, but for that single day it contains the greatest miracle a man could imagine: a doorway to Heaven.

It is due to appear on the 21st September 1889 as a ghost town in the American Midwest. When it does, there are many who hope to be there: traveling preacher Obeisance Hicks and his simple messiah, a brain-damaged Civil War veteran; Henry and Harmonium Jones and their freak show pack of outlaws; the Brothers of Ruth and their sponsor Lord Forset (inventor of the Forset Thunderpack and other incendiary modes of personal transport); finally, an aging gunslinger who lost his wings at the very beginning of creation and wants nothing more than to settle old scores.



'Heaven? Hell? There's no difference. Angels, demons, we're all a bit of both. This could be the most wondrous place you ever experience or so terrifying it makes you pray for death. Not that death would help you, of course; there s no escape from here...'

Wormwood has appeared, and for twenty-four hours the gateway to the afterlife is wide open. But just because a door is open doesn't mean you should step through it...

Those who have travelled to the town are realising that the challenges they've already faced were nothing compared to what lies ahead. The afterlife has an agenda of its own, and with scheming on both sides of reality, the revelations to come may change the world forever.



The uprising in Heaven is at an end and Paradise has fallen, becoming the forty-third state of America. Now angels and demons must learn to get along with humans.

The rest of the world is in uproar. How can America claim the afterlife as its own? It's certainly going to try as the President sets out for the town of Wormwood for talks with its governor, the man they call Lucifer.

Hell has problems of its own. There's a new evangelist walking its roads, trying to bring the penitent to paradise, and a new power is rising. Can anyone stand up to the Godkiller?